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Jobs Advertising Service and CV Library from CareerJobsite.co.uk

CareerJobSite.co.uk is an energetic business offering quick, easy and cost effective employment & recruitment jobs board services, CV Library and Job Vacancies advertising services to jobseekers and employers/recruiters throughout the UK.
With well equipped and high performance recruitment software and fully qualified friendly staff, the company delivers a professional recruitment service and jobs board to businesses.
The service is designed to be cost effective - the lowest prices on the market - free for job seekers, helping recruiters and employers to get the right people for the right jobs.
Post Job Vacancies, search jobseekers CV Library - FREE Trial.

The company is based in London, began trading in July 2000 and has many years experience in the Recruitment and Employment business.

With a well equipped and high performance recruitment software and fully qualified friendly staff, the company delivers a professional recruitment service and jobs board to businesses. The service is designed to be cost effective (the lowest prices on the market), free for job seekers, helping clients to get the right people for the right jobs.

CareerJobSite.co.uk has an expanding group of customers, situated throughout the UK, including several large organisations.

CareerJobSite.co.uk provide you with all the necessary tools to introduce yourself to the best employers and recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom and World-Wide saving you time from searching through thousands of new jobs on the way to finding your next job.
  • Let the perfect job find you - register, upload your CV and let recruiters come to you.
  • Set up your own Jobs-by-Email alerts and we'll send you the latest jobs that match your experience.
  • Store your CV and covering letters securely and save time when applying for jobs.
  • Keep track of all your applications via our CareerJobSite.co.uk website.
  • Receive your free monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with all the latest career advice, helping you find your next job.
  • Read our extensive range of career advice articles.
  • Career advice, online training and CV writing tips provided by our online partners.
  • Employers and Recruiters: register free, create and post your job in minutes and pay by invoice, PayPal, debit or credit card.
  • FREE 30 days trial available for all new registered employers/recruiters. Hiring tools make it easy to filter and organise online results.
  • Check our recruiters/employers special promotions available at the present time.

Quick, easy and cost effective Recruitment and Employment UK jobs board providing all the necessary tools to introduce yourself to the best employers and recruitment agencies.
Upload and send your CV via CareerJobsite.co.uk
Job requirements and vacancy matches.

Virtual Assistant UK FREE Switchboard with auto attendant from SmartProTelecom

The switchboard for business with free auto attendant.
SmartPROtelecom is a professional virtual switchboard service that is ideally suited to small and medium sized enterprises, operates as a virtual switchboard receptionist auto attendant.

SmartProTelecom.co.uk in partnership with SwitchboardFREE is the fastest growing free-to-own telephony business tool in the UK!
Over 30,000 companies have already signed up to use the free switchboard.
SmartProTelecom is a FREE virtual PBX Phone System coming as standard with 2x FREE 084 numbers connected to your virtual PBX.

SmartProTelecom.co.uk is the UK's largest & fastest growing FREE call manager with over 30,000 UK users

  • FREE virtual PBX Phone System
  • 2x FREE 084 numbers connected to your virtual PBX
  • Call forwarding to either UK Landlines or UK Mobiles
  • Choose from over 20 different free genres of Hold Music
  • Email Alerts for all Voicemails & missed calls sent to your email & phone
  • Add an Auto Receptionist at no cost (Press 1 for sales, press 2 for...)
  • SEO call tracking tools available - Track calls from pages/keywords
  • Advanced call statistics including missed call lists
  • Enterprise Software for Call Centres, New Start-up’s and Homeworkers
  • Use Call Screening to Identify the number your clients are calling
  • Fast Setup with Instant Activation
Features of SwitchboardFREE from SmartProTelecom.co.uk:

Our system has many useful features that will benefit your business.
With over 32,000 businesses and homeworkers already registered with us you can be confident that we will deliver to you a robust and professional service.
Whether you want to create a more professional image, have a national presence, manage your incoming calls more effectively, track your inbound response from your adverts and marketing campaigns or install disaster recovery for your phone lines, we have the answer!

Check out all features on SmartProTelecom.co.uk website and register free today!

3 Toxic Website Practices to Avoid!

Turning Off Website Visitors? Here are 3 Website Mistakes to Stop Today!

3 Toxic Website Practices recommended to Avoid! You spend your precious time focused on gaining exposure, building an audience, and writing great content that will benefit your readers. Why waste all of your energy and everything you have gained by linking to a toxic website?
What’s a toxic website?
All of your off-site, exposure-building strategies – from article writing to social media – help you build trust with your readers in order to gain credible traction and traffic back to your blog or website. However, if your website has poor-quality traits that lead visitors to click away because of a poor user experience, your website is a poisonous burden to your efforts.
There’s always a remedy! Improve the quality of your blog or website to encourage visitors to stay on your webpage (and convert visitors into clients) by avoiding these top 3 website mistakes.

 1. Pop Ups and Exit Pop Ups

If you feel the need to utilises a pop up of any kind, stop right there. There’s a reason Web browsers have add-ons that block pop ups – pop ups are universally irritating. Avoid appearing desperate and annoying by considering what you’re attempting to achieve with the pop up and if there is another design element you can incorporate in the webpage as a whole.
2. Infinite Scroll

Scrolling inhibits a visitor’s ability to immediately see everything that’s relevant to them on a webpage and it’s considered tedious.
Websites like Facebook and Pinterest or blogs and article forums as this one can successfully use infinite scroll because they don’t have to curate content – their users do. Organize your website content by creating categories, limit scrolling to 1-2 screens, and make the navigation easy.

3. Automatic Audio or Video
Visitors love video and audio, but on their own terms. There’s nothing more jarring then audio unexpectedly leaping into a user’s environment. Let your visitor decide when they want to watch or listen by giving them the opportunity to start and stop the audio. If there’s no purpose to adding audio besides aesthetics (e.g., background music), avoid it.
Bonus Mistake: Filler Content

Content will help you get your website on page one, right? No. Any old content can HURT your rank and your credibility. Only great content will help you increase your credibility and rank. Great content is content that is creative, informative, relevant, helpful, clever, quality, etc. It’s not spammy, stuffed with keywords, repetitive, or riddled with incorrect grammar. Consider your content as an extension of yourself. No matter where it is, your content reflects you and what you offer the reader. Spend time with your content: Ensure it’s relevant, benefit-oriented, and proofread. It’s so important.
Why limit everything you have to gain? Avoid these mistakes and get on the right track to a quality blog or website. Want more quality practices? Click here to discover whether your website is a high-quality site with these 5 litmus tests for Expert Authors.
What poor website practices would you like to add to this list? Alternately, what are some fantastic features that you look for in a website? We’d love to hear from you!
A great article provided by Vanessa from eZineArticles.

Friday, 30 December 2011

ClassifiedsXpress - Submit Free Classified Ads | Post Free Ads | Find, buy, sell or rent: cars, properties, your stuff, jobs, business advertising and many more...

ClassifiedsXpress.com - Submit FREE Classified Ads find, buy, sell or rent your items, enhance your ads visibility with featured, premium and ranked classifieds.
With many years of experience in the advertising and online marketing industry, ClassifiedsXpress.com offers free, featured, premium and ranked classifieds advertising services, to customers throughout the UK and Worlwide. Set up in 2011, the classified ads website business is located in London – United Kingdom as a subdivision of WOS-UK, company trading since July 2000. The company offers a variety of advertising, marketing and SEO solutions, business web directories and UK classified ads services to businesses and general public, which is intended to be cost effective at all times.
With a fully fitted, powerful and SEO friendly application software, ClassifiedsXpress.com supplies top quality advertising, business classified ads and web directory submission services, featuring customisable graphics, where you can Post free business Classified Ads - Advertise free ads, find, buy, sell or rent cars, properties, your stuff, jobs, business advertising and many more.
Tested thoroughly, the adverts are particularly suitable for both business and private and can be used at home or work. The products are available from ClassifiedsXpress.Com website. With a friendly team of editors enthusiastic trades people, ClassifiedsXpress.com has a professional team, qualified to a high standard ready to assist you. The company is managed by a team of professionals who has been involved in the Advertising and Marketing business for many years.
ClassifiedsXpress Support Team is well trained to oversee the company, having previously worked with a number of prestigious organisations. Submit free Classified Ads - Post free ads find, buy, sell or rent cars, properties, your stuff, jobs, business advertising and many more. Just about anything you want! Enhance your ads visibility with featured, premium and ranked classifieds.
Enhance your ads Post free business Classified Ads - Advertise free ads, find, buy, sell or rent cars, properties, your stuff, jobs, business advertising low cost and free advertising.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

BacklinksKingdom | Conquer The Search Engines & Rule Over Your Rankings

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Article marketing is a great way to get a site or blog noticed and increase traffic. Submitting articles will not only drive direct traffic to your pages, but it will also increase their search engine rankings, for even more targeted traffic...

After you sign up, you will be able to create 15 backlinks to any of your pages every day, free. That’s up to 450 backlinks every month! Imagine being able to build backlinks to your pages every day, free, with the push of a button!
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Friday, 18 November 2011

SEO Experts React To Google Algorithm Update

Skeptical and hopeful reactions to Google Fresh

I'm not sure what other writers are calling Google's algorithm update, as we've only had it for a day. I'm staying with the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method, and calling it "Google Fresh". No doubt, SEO experts, webmasters, and even users will feel the effects of Google Fresh, with many of those people voicing their opinions on the changes. In fact, many have already sounded off. Let's take a look at what they've had to say.

SEOMoz's Rand Fishkin, is the only responder I've seen who's released a video concerning the update. He discussed the changes with Mike King of @iPullRank. One of the most important takeaways from the video is how they believe timestamps, specifically in the XML sitemaps could see a boost in terms of importance. A trend you'll notice as you read more reactions.
(Source: John Vinson - WebProNews.com)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Search Engine Facts - Google News

With Google's new sitelinks, the meta description tag becomes more important:
Last month, Google announced new and extended sitelinks. The maximum number of sitelinks increased from eight to 12. The new sitelinks format increased the importance of good meta description tags on your web pages.
Also in the news: more sitelinks for AdWords ads, Google counts links from subdomains as internal links, as expected Google will use +1 data in the ranking algorithm and more.
If Google decides to display sitelinks for your website, your site will get a much more prominent display than before.
How to make your sitelinks more attractive
Google uses the first 30-35 characters of the meta description tag of a web page for the snippets.
To increase the number of clicks on the snippets, you should optimize your meta description tags:
  • The first 35 characters in the meta description tag should contain a clear description of the page and/or a call-to-action.
  • Each page of your website should have its own meta description.
Note that Google updates the sitelinks of a website periodically. It may take some time before the new descriptions of your web pages appear in the sitelinks.
How to get sitelinks
In general, Google shows sitelinks if it is sure that a website is the exact match for a search query (usually product name or company name searches). Google generates the sitelinks for your website based on your website navigation and based on the links that point to your website.
To get high rankings for keywords that lead to more customers and more sales, optimize your web pages with IBP's Top 10 Optimizer.
The Top 10 Optimizer analyzes the content of your web pages, the backlinks of your web pages and popularity of your website on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You also get detailed advice on how to improve your pages so that they get top 10 rankings on Google.
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