Sunday, 31 July 2011

Successful Link Exchange & Effective Link Building tips

You may be asking yourself what a website’s design has to do with a link exchange. Websites with a very nice, good quality design tend to prevail faster than others. Know one wants to visit a website and have to wince to read the text. Content on the other hand is what brings the readers. Content can substantially improve the quality of your website because the internet is about information and if you have what people are looking for they will find you.
Also, a websites navigation must be search engine friendly, because you will prefer to have the location of your link to be indexed by search engines. You should try to pick your link partners by first eliminating the irrelevant links, and then choose a website that is search engine friendly and has the potential to grow! And remember look for good quality and content websites not just high PR websites.
Also, contact other webmasters and provide them with content or an article to publish on their website. Provided that you include a link to your website somewhere in the content then this ensures you receive a good quality, natural, one-way link to your site, and the webmaster who publishes your content or article gets additional content for his/her website - which the search engines love!

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